1. (fake) friends with (real) benefits — Gilad Lotan on Social Media

    Gilad Lotan is the Chief Data Scientist here at betaworks and he’s got a penchant for visualizing huge data sets. This week he’s written an op-ed for the LA Times and a blog post at Medium about his experience with buying 4,000 “real” Twitter followers (for science!) and what that means for people and brands involved in social media today (see: EVERYONE).


  2. If you’re anything like us, you can’t stop playing TwoDots. Well lucky you, because now you can listen to the soundtrack pretty much everywhere! Jam out and make squares in your mind while you’re doing all of that other annoying real life stuff you have to do.

    Find it on on Amazon, iTunes and Spotify!



  4. Giphy’s community can now invest in them, thanks to Alphaworks! Read more on the Alphaworks blog.


  5. Read more in this deep dive on our brand new logo.


  6. Some insight into how the Poncho team is visualizing their data, from the betaworks data blog.


  7. Our Investment in Quibb

    Betaworks is excited to announce a new seed investment in Quibb, a company we’ve watched grow for quite some time.  Sandi MacPherson, Quibb’s founder, has built an amazing community of people who share perspective and conversation every day about technology-industry news.

    As part of this investment round, Quibb is using the Alphaworks platform to invite both the Quibb and Betaworks communities to invest alongside the co-sponsors of this deal.  The co-sponsors are Bloomberg Beta and Lightbank.

    At Betaworks, we’re passionate believers in the Alphaworks model to enable businesses to raise capital directly from their communities, allowing users and customers to become owners as well. See.me, the most recent company to fundraise through the Alphaworks platform, has already met and closed its funding goal of $150,000.

    To invest alongside the sponsors, you can reserve an allocation on Alphaworks here.  


  8. Nina Berman at betaworks

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  9. Using twitter data to find the most disliked basketball teams.


  10. John Borthwick BetaChat

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