1. Our Investment in Quibb

    Betaworks is excited to announce a new seed investment in Quibb, a company we’ve watched grow for quite some time.  Sandi MacPherson, Quibb’s founder, has built an amazing community of people who share perspective and conversation every day about technology-industry news.

    As part of this investment round, Quibb is using the Alphaworks platform to invite both the Quibb and Betaworks communities to invest alongside the co-sponsors of this deal.  The co-sponsors are Bloomberg Beta and Lightbank.

    At Betaworks, we’re passionate believers in the Alphaworks model to enable businesses to raise capital directly from their communities, allowing users and customers to become owners as well. See.me, the most recent company to fundraise through the Alphaworks platform, has already met and closed its funding goal of $150,000.

    To invest alongside the sponsors, you can reserve an allocation on Alphaworks here.  


  2. Nina Berman at betaworks

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  3. Using twitter data to find the most disliked basketball teams.


  4. John Borthwick BetaChat

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  5. We all have a story.

    A story or a message that needs more than 140 characters. More than a status update or one picture.

    We are a generation of communicators and social butterflies looking for a place to display and share our creativity. Tapestry started out simply as an online home for storytelling and we’ve grown (with your help) into a home for mobile creativity. Now, with 8.2 million taps since our last update (whew) we’re so excited to share with you another way to create and share your story.

    Introducing the new Tapestry app.

    Tapestry whoa

    Using images, GIF’s, taps and text, Tapestry now allows you to publish your ideas, stories and messages right in the iOS app.

    While we have watched our evolution grow quickly in the young adult community, we have remained true to our mission of giving people to a platform to publish, illustrate, collaborate and enjoy writing and reading short stories in a simple and fun way.

    Many have hailed 2014 as the “Year of Storytelling.” We say it is the year of mobile storytelling. Tapestry is ready to push digital short storytelling forward into a more thoughtful and thought-out manner of communication. We want to give our young community more credit, more tools, more opportunities to make and share meaningful stories.


    So, again, we’re pretty excited to share with you the latest version of Tapestry.  It “taps” on all the things we have heard you want. This is your personal invitation to give Tapestry a try– go ahead and make something beautiful with us.

    - jana

    If you have any questions, feedback on Tapestry or just want to say hello? Email me jana@readtapestry.com.


  6. Matt Blumberg at betaworks

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  7. #homescreen2014

    At betaworks we aim to build apps that people love: the essential apps that people use every day and that they obsessively want to have on the homescreen of their devices, one touch away. Yet, measuring progress against this goal is a challenge. We have internal analytics, tools, and KPIs that give us an indication of progress. We are obsessive users of Chartbeat, which we helped design specifically to track real-time social engagement. We use Twitter and social channels to measure the scale of engagement and its depth. Twitter is especially good at giving us a sense of depth: examining the language, the influencer clusters and the sentiment that people use to describe our work. When people talk about Dots as an obsession they love or a Tapestry story as something that moved them, we take these as indicators that we are accomplishing our goal. However, it’s just an indicator and the world we build in today is balkanized. More often than not, we can’t get enough visibility into many of the platforms on which we build experiences.Whether it’s the App Store, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, most platforms today are opaque in terms of metrics and data. But at the start of each year there is an elegant hack we apply.  

    #homescreen2014 was written for the 2014 betaworks shareholder book, which will be out in a week, an excerpted post by John is on medium.


  8. Alpha-working

      Today, betaworks is announcing an opportunity to invest alongside us in a company we love: See.Me. We invested in See.Me last summer, and we’re committing additional capital in this new round.  We’re also announcing for the first time today that we’ll be opening this investment opportunity up to our community using a new product we’ve built called Alphaworks.

    Alphaworks is a distributed funding platform and toolset that enables passionate communities to become investors in, and owners of, the companies they love. We’ve designed Alphaworks so that betaworks and our founding partners can sponsor investment opportunities on our respective sites, building relationships with these new investors directly — and in a way that’s legal / regulatory compliant.  At launch, there are three sponsors that will be offering investment opportunities on Alphaworks:  SV Angel, Lerer Ventures and betaworks.    

    You can learn more about the investment opportunity here, you can learn more about the company see.me here.   And you can learn more about the Alphaworks on its FAQ.   

    The underlying mission behind Alphaworks and the public investments that betaworks offers is to engage communities in a new way through ownership. Our hunch is that companies that are community owned, even in some small way, will grow faster, be stronger and be more profitable over time.

    For the time being, until the JOBS Act regulations allow, the investment opportunity in See.me is only available to accredited investors. However, in order to include everyone, we’re offering several equity gifts to passionate supporters of our communities. You can find out more by signing up.

    We couldn’t be more excited to be engaging our communities in this new way, and to be partnering with See.me, SV Angel and Lerer Ventures to do it.


  9. Gerry Laybourne joins the betaworks board

    I’m excited to announce that Gerry Laybourne is joining the board of betaworks.  Gerry is a serial entrepreneur in media and technology. Currently she is the Chairman and Co-Founder of Kandu, a technology company for kids. (Betaworks invested in Kandu last year and we’re very excited about it.) She founded Oxygen Media in 1999 and served as Chairman and CEO until she sold it to NBC Universal in 2007. Gerry was a cable programming pioneer in the 80’s and 90’s: she led the team that created Nickelodeon and Nick at Nite.   


    Betaworks is a blend — a media and technology company in one. Gerry’s experience is an amazing complement to what we do, how we think and where we are going. 


  10. Josh Miller

    I’m thrilled to announce that Josh Miller is taking on a part-time role as a venture partner here at betaworks. Josh and I have known each other for a while. We first starting working together when he moved back to New York City to launch Branch. Betaworks invested in Branch and Josh and his team actually worked here at the studio for nine months or so.   

    Josh is an unusual entrepreneur — he is a product leader who thinks deeply about the social conversational web. The recent acquisition of Branch by Facebook gives him and his team a much larger platform to realize their vision. His role at betaworks will be focused on working with seed-stage companies in New York. This way he’ll be able to continue to work with entrepreneurs who are just getting started, just as Josh himself was a couple years ago.  Josh’s role here will be a terrific addition to the New York tech ecosystem and we’re super excited to continue to work with him.