1. forever bellow: betaworks acquires vibe

    There’s no better feeling than falling in love. Last fall, as the Occupy Wall Street movement gathered momentum, we noticed that many of its participants were communicating with one another using an iPhone/Android application called Vibe.  We looked at Vibe and we fell in love: here was a simple, real-time, social application with an amazing ability to connect people, friends and strangers alike. In other words, just our kind of thing.

    We’re excited today to be able to announce that we’ve acquired the Vibe application and that its creator, Hazem Sayed, is running this new betaworks company.

    Vibe is an optionally-anonymous platform for sharing text and photos with people near you. When you use Vibe, you can “whisper” messages so only people very near you can see them, or you can “bellow” messages that are visible around the world. You can write messages that will endure forever, but you can also write messages that disappear in time. So you can post a geo-fenced message, that only people within a block of you can see that last for 15 minutes or forever.  And if you prefer to post with an identity, it’s your choice to add a name to your message.  

    Vibe is the application layer for an underlying real-time communications network that has hundreds of potential uses. We are incredibly excited about what we’re building. 

    You can download the application from the iTunes store here and follow Vibe on Twitter.

    Background, see: Privacy for the people: Wall Street protesters use social media app Vibe to communicate anonymously - NY Daily News http://nydn.us/Ab7huh

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