1. a new partnership @betaworks

    Today, we are announcing a partnership with Fictive Kin, the Brooklyn product studio started three years ago by Cameron Koczon. We have watched and been impressed with Fictive Kin for years, as they created the Brooklyn Beta conference, launched apps like Teux Deux and Gimme Bar, and promoted the interdependency of technology and design. The more we talked with Cameron and the Fictive team, the more we thought betaworks and Fictive Kin could create fantastic products together.

    We have structured an arrangement that is new in the early stage tech world, although it has precedent in previous generations of media. Fictive Kin will operate as as a Brooklyn-based independent studio and the products they create will be developed and scaled exclusively under the betaworks umbrella. This will allow Fictive Kin to develop wonderful ideas and be assured that the companies that come out of those ideas will be funded and grow within the betaworks network.

    One of Fictive Kin’s accomplishments is creating the Brooklyn Beta conference and the web of events and programs that surround it. As part of this deal, betaworks will partner with Fictive Kin in helping Brooklyn Beta to grow and evolve.


    At betaworks, we will not be doing anything differently. We will continue to build, invest in / acquire new ideas, as we always have, all means towards the end of making great things. We will remain as active as ever in early stage product design and development, but working with Fictive Kin will give us access to a different perspective and more ideas and products. As was outlined in our recent shareholder letter (http://bit.ly/K3c33U) two of our goals for 2012 are to launch and grow more companies without changing our handmade, intensive, and product-driven approach to product development and design.  The second is to deepen our connection with the design/developer community in NY.  Fictive and Brooklyn Beta are very much part of the new, new york tech world.
    We think the best way to do this is through partnerships with creative people who we we respect, and no one fits that description better than Fictive Kin.
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