1. betaworks launches swirl

    Today we are excited to announce the official launch of swirl, the new iPhone app from betaworks that automatically creates albums from your Instagram & Twitter networks.

    Several apps are trying to solve the problem of group photo sharing. Some require one person to create a set and invite friends to join, while others attempt to guess which photos are related and auto-create sets for you.  swirl simply creates a photo set from a shared hashtag among your friends.

    When you log in with your Instagram and Twitter accounts, swirl will index everyone you follow on those networks, and place all hashtagged photos into sets called ‘swirls.’

    Between the hurricane and the election, we’ve seen some pretty interesting sets from our friends in the past few weeks.

    We also love the everyday events we see tagged.  The designer swissmiss tags her 2-year-old’s tantrums with #itshardbeingtwo, while Dennis Crowley tracks his most caloric meals with #fatdenny. Tech Ethnographer Tricia Wang tags an ongoing set of her dog’s balancing acts with #stuffonelleshead.

    You can try swirl’s public web view, which is a great way to browse photo sets. Far more fun though is seeing the personal sets swirl creates for you and your friends on the mobile app.  Download the swirl app to check them out. 

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