1. Announcing Openbeta

    Inside the betaworks studio, we build lots of new things each year.  We’re firm believers in the open web and we’re firm believers in betas, so today we’ve decided to extend our community to anyone who wants to test our new products before they’re officially released.  This expansion is part of a broader initiative here that we’re calling Openbeta.

    Historically, we’ve tested new products within the betaworks studio, as well as among a small community of portfolio companies, advisors, investors, and friends. Often we host Openbeta sessions between our young companies and larger corporate partners such as the New York Times, among others. Having a small community of early beta testers allows us to iterate quickly and build products that solve real needs for people. Sometimes we succeed…others times we don’t. That’s a core part of our process: taking risks and trying to solve difficult problems.

    What we’d like to do with the Openbeta community is allow this small community of early adopters to grow (a bit). We will view the Openbeta community as a true design partner. In return for your input, we will give you early access to products that we hope will change your lives (and make them more fun and easier). We’re still not 100% sure what the Openbeta community will look like or how it will evolve, but we think you’ll be happy to be a part of it. Like everything else we do, Openbeta is an experiment.

    You can join the Openbeta community here. We can’t wait to show you what we’re working on.


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    Openbeta is so cool. I hope I’m selected!
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