1. Betas Work

    The past few months have been a little extra-busy at betaworks.  While our studio companies continue to grow at a fast pace, a handful of builders (hackers in residence) have been heads-down creating a new wave of products.

    Now, we’re entering a new stage of building that we’re very excited to share with you - beta.

    Starting this Wednesday, we’ll launch one beta product each week, for six weeks.  We did our best to create beautiful, simple, bug-free software, but also set an aggressive timeline to ensure we focus on the most important features.

    If you’d like to be first on the list to hear about the products, make sure you join Openbeta.

    - paul

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    This is rad.
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    We’re getting ready to climb out of the startup cave. Excited to show all the cool stuff the teams have built.
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