1. Blend.io — make music together

    A decade ago, a band called The Postal Service started making songs by sending instrumental tracks back and forth through the United States Postal Service. Oddly enough, the process of musical collaboration hasn’t evolved much since then.

    Music creation today often includes messy email threads and quirky hacks by the industry’s most determined. And though music creators are so passionate about sharing and distributing their work, there isn’t really a “beta” community for them to share it in. Yes, countless products have been built to help people discover, share, and listen to music — but we feel that music collaboration has been left out of the digital revolution.

    Today we’re announcing Blend.io, a collaboration network for musicians.  With Blend.io, musicians and producers can share in-progress tracks.  And they can connect with other musicians to collaborate on works in progress.  Blenders can browse artists and their projects or comment on and remix tracks.

    The vision is to enable collaboration for all musicians, but we’ve decided to focus on electronic music to start — specifically targeting users of Ableton Live and Maschine.  We’ll add additional support in the near future, but want to make sure we get it right for this initial audience.

    The community is invitation-only at the moment, but if you’re actively using Ableton Live or Maschine, request an invite — we’ll approve requests as fast as possible!

    - paul

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