1. Dots - a game about connecting

    About 3 months ago, Patrick Moberg started experimenting with various iOS interaction designs as part of the hacker in residence program.  We didn’t set out to build a game, but quickly realized there’s a desire for well designed mobile entertainment so that’s where we focussed.  Patrick worked for a few weeks to build something that looked beautiful and provided you some level of stimulation.  After a few days playing one of the initial concepts, we were all completely hooked.  Several betaworks employees and their partners clocked hours and hours of playtime off a fairly rudimentary pilot.  Over the next few months, we refined the scoring, design, and overall aesthetic to come up with what we simply call Dots - a game about connecting.

    As you play you earn “dots” which is the game’s currency for advanced powers.  You can earn these by playing or via in-app-purchases, but both routes produce the same outcome.  One of the principles Patrick established from the start was to never take advantage of players — so you can always earn your way to powers if you don’t want to pay for them.  You’ll never reach a point in the game where you have to shell out cash to keep playing or advance.

    We think it’s simple, beautiful, and fun.  Give it a try and let us know what you think.

    - paul

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    I’ve been playing a lot with Dots the past couple of days. It is so simple, yet so much fun. Great casual game!
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    I started playing Dots. Now all I see are squares.
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    I love the philosophy of this game and its simplicity - DOTS: A game about connecting. Hooked from the start and the...
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    I can’t seem to stop playing this.
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    This is very cute and slightly addictive.
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