1. Telecast - TV quality entertainment on your phone

    The promise of video entertainment on mobile devices is a theme that quickly emerged in our hacker in residence group.  Matt Hackett was particularly frustrated that despite the simplicity of an iPhone and iPad, it’s incredibly time consuming to find video entertainment worth watching.  Traditional mobile video apps did one of two things - they either pulled uninteresting video from social streams, or they relied on extensive keyword searching only to find a semi-entertaining 30 second clip.

    At the same time, traditional television, for all it’s flaws, still does one thing well - when you turn on a TV and switch to a channel you like, you’ll get professionally programmed video designed to (hopefully) entertain you.  Why can’t we do the same thing on an iPad or iPhone?  

    Matt and a small team of builders, including Jason Morrow (product design), Juan Alvarez (iOS), Mike Byhoff (editorial), Grant Custer (front-end extraordinaire) spent the next 3 months working to fix this problem: Enter Telecast.


    We believe in what makes TV special, professionally sourced and programmed shows.  At the same time, we feel the most interesting video content now exists on the Internet.  Telecast brings you three 5-minute bursts of seriously good, personally tailored video every day.

    One thing’s for sure - you’ll love the shows.  Download Telecast now and give it a shot.

    - paul

    Telecast is currently only available in North America, additional markets coming soon!

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