1. Giphy - Search Animated Gifs on the Web

    A few months ago, we “announcedGiphy - a search engine for animated GIFs.  I’m using quotes because, to be honest, we weren’t really ready to announce it.  The product started taking off and we felt it was best to give the couple hundred thousand folks and countless publishers that started using it a place to direct their feedback, bugs, and feature requests.  Needless to say, there was a lot of duct tape holding the search engine together — until today.  The Giphy team, started by hackers in residence Jace Cooke & Alex Chung, have been hard at work building a robust search engine, responsive site, realtime crawler, and most importantly (for us) a way to handle attribution.

    While a lot of what we’re launching with this “version 1.0” is behind the scenes, some of the new features you’ll notice are a sexy homepage, a browse mode, much faster searching, and about a dozen featured GIF artists with their own pages to host original content.  This is the first step we’re taking to help organize a historically fragmented community, and give GIF artists around the world a legitimate platform to start the next big Internet meme.

    - paul

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