1. Want to build? Join us.

    Over the past few months, we’ve built and acquired six new products that we’re incredibly excited about:  Giphy, Instapaper, Dots, Telecast, Blend, and Poncho.

    The next step of building is to transform these products into companies - a step that requires uniquely talented designers and engineers.  This phase is one of the best times to join a startup — there’s already a clear product-market fit with initial funding and you’ll be one of the first on the team so you can have a major impact on the company.

    Joining an early stage company at betaworks has a few unique advantages:

    1. All betaworks companies have funding clarity.  For anyone that’s been part of a small team trying to fundraise in the past, you’ll know how distracting it can be for everyone involved.  Obviously startups are most productive when they’re building, not endlessly pitching partners, so we have created a platform that ensures our startups and teams can focus on building.

    2. Our studio is filled with creative entrepreneurs, not employees.  With 50-60 people in our studio at any one time, you’ll notice something that I’ve never seen before - you could tap anyone on the shoulder and get an interesting story.  The interests and hobbies of the folks at betaworks are as impressive as their engineering skills - they’re illustrators, musicians, comedians, art collectors, world travellers, or whiskey connoisseurs.  They are also perfectionists.  People who love what they do, people who craft their work and take pride in what they are building and what others around them create.

    3. Nothing lasts forever, and we get that.  We’re fully aware that the challenges a company reaches at different inflection points are more interesting to some than others, and we don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.  You might be more interested in creating a product for the first million users than the next ten million, or the other way around.  Either way, we get it and the designers and engineers that join our studio companies have unparalleled options when it comes to joining a new company, or starting their own.

    4. New York.  There’s something special happening here with tech startups in NYC and it’s unlike anywhere else in the world.  If you don’t currently live in the city, joining a betaworks company is a great excuse to move out here and be part of a fast-emerging startup scene.

    Whether you’re actively or passively looking for the next big thing, consider joining our talent network, signing up for Openbeta or reaching out to us directly to ask about a betaworks company.

    - paul


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