1. Re-introducing Instapaper

    This past April, we acquired Instapaper, a simple tool for saving and reading web pages on any smartphone or tablet.

    As longtime users and fans, it was immediately clear that Instapaper would be a great addition to the betaworks studio. Many of Instapaper’s challenges were familiar; over the years we’ve built social reading products, scaled backends to handle the real-time social web, and acquired strong brands with devoted users. We’ve also been able to lend Instapaper the tech skills we know best: design and user experience, mobile application architecture, Python nerdery, and data science.

    The challenge of modernizing Instapaper’s no-nonsense functionality and minimalist design aesthetic has been a fun one. We focused initially on upgrading performance, improving reliability, and updating design.  Today we are unleashing our first major release: a top-to-bottom redesign of Instapaper’s web interface.

    There’ll be much more to come over the next few weeks — new, improved Instapaper iOS and Android apps;  browser extensions with lots of new and excellent features;  better file management and support;  tools and options for sorting and filtering your unread queue;  and data-powered personal recommendations. This is just the beginning.  If you’re interested in staying up to date with Instapaper Betas, please sign up for its early access list here.

    Here’s to reading anywhere. We hope you enjoy the changes.

    - Andrew

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