1. Josh Miller

    I’m thrilled to announce that Josh Miller is taking on a part-time role as a venture partner here at betaworks. Josh and I have known each other for a while. We first starting working together when he moved back to New York City to launch Branch. Betaworks invested in Branch and Josh and his team actually worked here at the studio for nine months or so.   

    Josh is an unusual entrepreneur — he is a product leader who thinks deeply about the social conversational web. The recent acquisition of Branch by Facebook gives him and his team a much larger platform to realize their vision. His role at betaworks will be focused on working with seed-stage companies in New York. This way he’ll be able to continue to work with entrepreneurs who are just getting started, just as Josh himself was a couple years ago.  Josh’s role here will be a terrific addition to the New York tech ecosystem and we’re super excited to continue to work with him.


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