1. Tapestry: Make Something Beautiful from Tapestry on Vimeo.

    Everyone has a story. Share yours with Tapestry.

    We all have a story.

    A story or a message that needs more than 140 characters. More than a status update or one picture.

    We are a generation of communicators and social butterflies looking for a place to display and share our creativity. Tapestry started out simply as an online home for storytelling and we’ve grown (with your help) into a home for mobile creativity. Now, with 8.2 million taps since our last update (whew) we’re so excited to share with you another way to create and share your story.

    Introducing the new Tapestry app.

    Tapestry whoa

    Using images, GIF’s, taps and text, Tapestry now allows you to publish your ideas, stories and messages right in the iOS app.

    While we have watched our evolution grow quickly in the young adult community, we have remained true to our mission of giving people to a platform to publish, illustrate, collaborate and enjoy writing and reading short stories in a simple and fun way.

    Many have hailed 2014 as the “Year of Storytelling.” We say it is the year of mobile storytelling. Tapestry is ready to push digital short storytelling forward into a more thoughtful and thought-out manner of communication. We want to give our young community more credit, more tools, more opportunities to make and share meaningful stories.


    So, again, we’re pretty excited to share with you the latest version of Tapestry.  It “taps” on all the things we have heard you want. This is your personal invitation to give Tapestry a try– go ahead and make something beautiful with us.

    - jana

    If you have any questions, feedback on Tapestry or just want to say hello? Email me jana@readtapestry.com.

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    A lot came together to push out the new Tapestry today. Time to party and make stories.
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    I made some wiggly things for Tapestry again. So happy to be part of it. Actually, I was one of the first artists on...
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